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Cardiac Care Does Not Begin
             in the Emergency Room


At Advanced Cardiovascular Care of Hudson Valley, our team of board-certified physicians, trained at some of the best institutions in the world, use state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge research to detect and treat heart disease, as well as extend and improve quality of life.

Did you Know?
Cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and stroke) continues to be the leading cause of death in the United States. It surpasses all cancers, accidents, and any other cause of death, despite significant technological advances over the past 20 years.
Did you Know?
More than 2/3 of individuals in the Northeast suffer from Vitamin D deficiency due to inadequate exposure to sunlight. Lack of Vitamin D not only contributes to osteo-porosis, but is a cardiovascular marker for disease risk! Make sure your blood work includes a test for Vitamin D.
Did you Know?
Most medical offices do not address the importance of Vitamin D deficiency, and therefore patients are put at a risk for future problems.

Our physicians and highly-trained technicians find the root of heart problems by inter-relating many important factors including diabetes, lipid abnormalities, and hypertension. By integrating the entire spectrum of risk and lifestyle with your current health issues, including heart disease, we can design an effective management program to maximize long-term results and improve your life.

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